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Protecting your Investment for a Lifetime

There is no better way to protect your elevator investment than to establish a reliable and effective preventative maintenance and safety program.  When you do have an issue, you want to be sure that you have a partner to call upon to provide timely service and problem resolution.  At Charter Elevator, performance and partnership are our top priorities.

Preservation of your asset and passenger satisfaction are paramount to elevator service.  There are many companies that claim they will maintain your elevator equipment; however they don’t provide the routine maintenance services you require.  When was the last time you saw your elevator mechanic?  Do you only see service personnel when you have a problem?

Charter Elevator Company prepares a customized Routine Maintenance Control Program for every client and elevator asset.  We back up our performance commitment by giving clients online access to maintenance progress reports through Charter View.  With Charter View, customers can log-in callbacks, see pictures of actual maintenance activities, and monitor repairs and modernization requests.  No other elevator company in the world offers such comprehensive and direct access.

We understand that our customers want a customized approach to elevator maintenance.  Therefore we have developed three levels of maintenance service:

Charter Bronze Our lowest cost limited maintenance solution.  Charter Bronze provides monthly or quarterly preventive maintenance visits.  The client assumes all costs for callbacks and repairs at Charter’s special customer service rate.  The program includes online access to Charter View.

Charter SilverOur most popular maintenance program.  Charter Silver includes monthly preventative maintenance visits, callback service during regular hours (Monday/Friday – 8:00am / 4:30pm), special discounted after hours callback rate, and minor parts replacement (under $150).  The program also includes online access to the signature Charter View System.

 Charter GoldOur most comprehensive program.  Charter Gold includes monthly routine maintenance visits, regular hours callback service (Monday/Friday – 8:00am / 4:30pm), all repairs (including parts replacement), and online access to Charter View.  After hours callbacks can be billed either at the special discounted after hour’s callback rate or included in the contract.  Acts of God, vandalism, or obsolete components from the manufacture are not included in the repair coverage.

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