Connecting with your Building Services Clients Beyond Social or Electronic Media

I receive about 100 e-mails a day.  Now that I’ve accepted the fact that I need a Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter account the communications continue to increase to thousands of items per day.  Ugh!  There are days I just don’t have time to read everything.

At Charter Elevator we learned that many of our large modernization customers prefer that we communicate a project the old fashion way – printed boards.    Elevators can be a topic of conversation among building tenants.  An upgrade can take months to complete and tenants like to understand what is coming.  Explaining the work that we are doing, complete with pictures and schedule has helped us to build a continuous communication loop with both building managers and tenants.

Earlier this year Charter Elevator modernized a garage elevator at a luxury condominium in Charleston, South Carolina.  Prior to our modernization, the building tenants had been very frustrated with the repair commitments of another OEM elevator company.  The Homeowners Association Board wanted to make sure that a complete schedule was displayed in the lobby so each homeowner could see what Charter Elevator was doing and when the modernized elevator would be completed and returned to service.  Each day the tenants could see the progress based upon the printed schedule.  Many tenants would come by to see the Charter Elevator Technicians to thank them and even sometimes blow their car horn as they passed by the elevator – exclaiming out of their car window “thank you guys”.

In Myrtle Beach, homeowners wanted to understand not only the schedule, but also how the new elevator cabs and system will look and work.  On this project, a 21-story tower, Charter Elevator also included information explaining how a regenerative drive will return power to their building.  The printed information boards are a hit and the tenants, who will now be able to follow the progress of the work.

I’m not suggesting that all building services companies should go back to the stone ages of printed materials, however as a supplement to the many electronic communication tools, we’ve found this to be nice way to communicate and ensure overall customer satisfaction.

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