Residential Elevator and Refrigerator: Don’t get Stuck in the Past

Old refrigerator rusty and abandoned

Your residential elevator and your refrigerator may be more similar than you think.  As homeowners are familiar, your kitchen appliances don’t work forever.  Ultimately, that perfect refrigerator that you have had since the late nineties is going to need a repair and its parts are going to be obsolete, leading to spoiled food and wasted money.

Like an elevator, refrigerators have a lifetime.  Every 10 to 20 years you need to modernize your fridge.  By being proactive in your modernization as your refrigerator reaches its geriatric years, you can prevent being rushed into a quick and expensive fix that you may later regret.  By staying ahead of the curve, you can replace your fridge at a covenant time and have the opportunity to determine the product that is best for you, not the product that is the most readily available.

Your elevator, like your fridge, also has a life span.  Traditionally, every 15 to 25 years your residential elevator equipment becomes obsolete.  As I have witnessed in my internship with Charter Elevator, obsolete equipment always leads to a mess.  In the Myrtle Beach area, many homes with residential elevators are home to renters throughout the summer.  During these months, your residential elevator is put the test; constant use, sandy feet, and renters turned elevator mechanics are just some of the summertime challenges your elevator faces.  Knowing this, the real question is, is your elevator up for the challenge?

If it is obsolete, it is not.  With obsolete equipment, there is no quick, inexpensive fix to any problem.  Parts are nearly impossible to get, leaving paying renters without a key home feature for days, even weeks, at a time.  What if you have a disabled renter when the elevator fails?  In the traditional raised houses seen in Myrtle Beach, you have just left your renter in a dangerous situation.

If you think it is important to modernize your refrigerator to avoid spoiled food, then you must agree it is important to modernize your residential elevator to keep its users safe and insure its ability to serve your renters properly.  Modernization is significantly less disruptive to rental and residential use than broken obsolete equipment is and, in the long run, it is often less expensive.

Charter Elevator can modernize your equipment in the off-season, minimizing its disruption.  Furthermore, Charter Elevator will replace your equipment with non-proprietary parts, providing you, as the paying owner, control over who maintains and fixes your equipment.   This new equipment will be modern, easily repaired, and energy efficient.  So, are you ready to modernize your residential elevator the same way you modernize your refrigerator?  You can’t afford not to be.

By: Claire Gaskill, Elon University Summer Intern

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