Duct Tape Fixes Everything – Even Elevators???

Duct tape image2A while back I read a Mashable posting about 23 uses for duct tape.  The posting showed pictures of uses from refinishing a car, to creating jackets to actually repairing air ducts.  At the time it was fun to see how folks can be creative with duct tape.  http://tinyurl.com/prjma2w

It wasn’t until recently, when surveying a potential customer’s elevator, maintained by a large OEM company, that I actual saw someone in the elevator industry use duct tape to repair a leaking hydraulic elevator.  This certified technician found an elevator pit full of oil and water and apparently decided to wrap the cylinder head with rags and run duct tape around the wad of rags, leaving the pit filled with water and oil.  The proper fix would be to simply replace the packing and pump-out the pit.

We now have a new picture to add to the Mashable posting.

In most cases the story would end here.  The elevator technician would log into his/her company’s reporting system or place in the customer’s log that the leak had been repaired.  All is good right?  Unfortunately for this customer the problem wasn’t solved and the cylinder packing continues to leak and make a mess.

When the picture was shown to the customer he was floored.  Typically this customer asked the maintenance elevator technician to log into the customer’s system to report what he had done.  Unfortunately in many cases, like this, the words used to close-out a call really don’t tell the whole story.  Reading reports like the “leak has been contained and the elevator returned to service” really doesn’t tell the whole story.

It wasn’t until this customer saw the picture that he realized how it was repaired.  From this point forward the customer requires pictures of all work, including maintenance routines to be recorded into a system for review.  This way he can see a duct tape repair before he pays his next bill.  This solution will probably not end with the elevator contractor, as this customer will insist that all contractors servicing his facilities provide visual confirmation of repairs and service.

Charter Elevator uses a visual web-based system, called CharterView, to pictorially show the condition of an elevator, work that is done and progress of any large project.  Therefore property managers can avoid the “duct tape repair” and know that they are getting the services that they are paying for.  This way we can leave the duct tape for fixing air ducts and other wonderfully creative solutions.  Contact Charter Elevator today to see how it works and other visual examples at www.charterelevator.com

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