Demystifying the Home Elevator – 5 things Homeowners, Home Buyers and Realtors should know

The Winchester Mystery House - the house number 525 on Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California, USA, is now an extravagant tourist attraction.

For the last two decades there has been an increasing popularity in Home Elevators.  Home Elevators are not just for the grandparents today as younger home buyers are looking for a residential tool to enhance their lifestyle.  This is especially true in beach, resort, and city environments where houses and buildings are built more vertical and often times have kitchens on floors above the ground.

There are hundreds of thousands of homes in the US that have Home Elevators, with thousands coming up each year for resale.  Often time buyers and sellers don’t know how to assess the condition and maintenance of their home elevator.   Realtors are not sure what to do and home inspectors typically exclude home elevators from their inspections.  Therefore the selection of a home elevator service company can play an important role in the selling or buying of your home.

5 things Homeowners, Home Buyers and Realtors should know about Home Elevator Service Companies

  1. Select a company that has Certified Elevator Technicians. These are elevator experts who have been trained in the trade of elevator maintenance, service and repair.  Let’s face it, a home elevator is very different than a garage door opener – pick the expert to manage this important safety asset in your home.
  2. You’ve made a sizable investment in a home elevator. Often times greater than the cars sitting in the driveway.  Your expectation is that this asset will be reliable and last for decades to come.  As with a car, homeowners need to maintain their home elevator.  Select a qualified home maintenance company that can provide a maintenance agreement with regular examinations.  These contracts range from a simple inspection and lubrication to a full maintenance and repair contract.  When selling a home the remaining term of this contract should be conveyed to the new homeowner without interruption in service.
  3. Select a local service provider. No one wants to wait for the ice cream to melt in your elevator when it is stuck between floors.  Find a local service provider willing to provide top quality service and ensure your satisfaction.
  4. Select a service company that has a systematic maintenance and repair program. Make sure that they know exactly what they are going to examine before they come to your home.
  5. When listing and selling a house pick a company that explains exactly what they are doing and can show you using a descriptive and visual web-based tool. This tool should be set-up to help sellers and buyers clearly understand that the elevator is being well cared for and repairs are being made.  For realtors this tool can be linked to your listing, providing a competitive advantage and peace of mind to both the home seller and buyer.

Removing the mystery through technology and training

Home elevators don’t need to be a mystery to home owners, buyers and realtors.  Sellers and buyers of homes with elevators can now SEE the difference using new technologies and systematic processes.  Visit today to learn more about the CharterViewtm technology and our 15-Point approach to home elevator maintenance.

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