Are Your Elevators an Aesthetic Mess?

Artistic-Paint-Brushes-2764006Everyday your building tenants see your lobby and elevators.  This is the daily image and branding of your building.  Is it modern, updated and competitive with the buildings down the street?  Or is an aesthetic mess?

At Charter Elevator we believe that the aesthetics of your elevator are as important as the performance.  The elevator should be as pleasing to look at, as it is to ride.  This is why we offer a full array of aesthetic upgrade programs.  The programs can be ala carte or included in your monthly maintenance fee.

How does it work with Maintenance?

Today most building owners upgrade their elevator technology every 20-25 years.  They experience better performance, reliability and ride quality.  The problem is that a cab interior typically will not show as well over 20-25 years.  Therefore many building owners are required to upgrade the elevator cabs to stay current with today’s competitive market.  This can mean out of budget expenses in years where money many not be available.  This can be particularly true for condominium associations and rental properties.

Chart Elevator has the solution for these customers, called Charter Platinum Maintenance.  This program includes new elevator wall panels every five years.  Within 6 months of signing a Platinum agreement Charter Elevator experts will install new standard wall panels in your elevators.  These panels will be replaced again in five years with the renewal of the contract.

This way, customers can easily maintain their budgets while remaining modern and competitive in the marketplace.

So don’t let the aesthetics of your elevator detract from your building.  Contact Charter Elevator today to learn more about Platinum Maintenance and how we can help you maintain both the performance and aesthetics of your elevators.

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